Facts & Tips

100% Cotton... the Facts

  • Shrinks 3-5 % as it’s a natural fibre
  • Will colour fade, particularly with darker colours like navy and black
  • Requires ironing as it wrinkles badly or easily
  • Tends to loose its shape and go a bit "wonkie" (particularly in a polo!)
  • Will 'pill' (get little balls of fluff type stuff on it that can be annoying to pick off.....)
  • Is considered "cooler" (as in 'temperature' not 'fashion') to wear by some people.


100% Polyester... the Facts

  • Will not shrink
  • Will not colour fade
  • Ironing free!
  • Holds it shape
  • Doesn't pill
  • Is considered "cooler" (as in 'temperature' not 'fashion') to wear by some people.


The best choice is often a mixed or blended fabric. A 60%/40% poly/cotton polo is hardwearing, easy to care for, wont shrink, holds colour well and generally keeps everyone happy in regards to "coolness."

There are some amazing "new generation" blends available that will challenge your views on Polyester. Microfibre is the new "buzz" fabric however....keep an eye out for it in the catalogue links. A 5% Spandex content in a shirt is every girls friend! No more gaping buttons across your chest or tight shirts across your shoulders!