Embroidery & Digitizing

So you have a design or a piece of artwork that you'd like to have embroidered? To the right are a few examples of how embroidery can transform your artwork.

There are 4 steps to having your logo or design embroidered:

Step 1: Source Artwork

Have the best quality artwork that you can get your hands on. A "fax of a photocopy" is not going to get you off to a great start. The best option is to use the original artwork. If you've had a graphic artist or sign writer design your artwork, get a copy of the artwork from them on disk or via email. Each time you have to copy or reproduce artwork the quality fades. The better the source artwork the more time and money you save.

Having said that, it just isn't always possible to have originals to work from. We have successfully used scanned copies of peoples business cards, photographs (in a high resolution) of the subject you wish to use and hand drawings.

Step 2: Digitizing

The process of turning your design or logo in stitches is called "Digitizing." This requires us to recreate your artwork/logo in a special software program and then turn it into stitches. This is where having the best artwork you can have helps to save time and money.

If the artwork is not clear or detailed enough, the more time that's required when digitizing, thence more cost to you. If the artwork/logo is of good quality and is clear, it makes things simpler and quicker (and cheaper....) for everyone. Minimum charge for this service is $35. Most people's cost's fall somewhere between $35-$65. The bigger or more complex your design, the more your digitizing costs are going to be.

Digitizing takes 7-10 working days to complete. While this is happening, you need to select the type or types or garments that your embroidery is going to be applied to. For helpful hints, see our FAQS page. This process and the cost are a one off expense. Once your design is digitized, unless you alter your logo or artwork it in some way, you don’t have to pay this again.

Step 3: Sampling

Once your design is digitized, we will sew out a sample for you to have a look at. This helps to give you an idea as to how it will look on your garments.

Step 4: Embroidering

Once you have approved the sample, we will then apply your logo/design to your shirts/polo's/caps/towels or aprons. Charges are based firmly on the number of stitches in your design and the quantity of garments that you are having the design applied to. All prices quoted are GST INCLUSIVE and landed here in Knx.

Embroidery costs start from only $5.00 (min charge) per garment

The cost of your design will have a lot to do with the final size and the type or style of artwork. As a general rule though, most customers designs fall somewhere between $6.00 - $8.00 per garment. Please remember this is an AVERAGE price/cost only and is based on many variables.

We have a strong policy to support local non-for-profit organisations and sporting clubs. If you are in this category, please Contact us for a special price to suit your needs.