Testimonial #3

We approached Stitched Up Embroidery in 2006 to initially come up with shirts for the KDHS school choir and adult community choir. After many years of dealing with Perth based and interstate companies who often never managed to deliver shirt orders by required dates it was wonderful to be able to deal with someone who had samples on hand to show you and could produce required shirts by the due date.

In 2009 we approached Stitched Up again to update our choir shirts to which she offered to provide a complete set of choir uniforms of shirts and shorts commenting it was always good to give back something to the local community who constantly support local suppliers.

We have over the past five years continually updated and bought more uniforms as required for the school choir through Stitched Up Embroidery. Danee has continued to be a strong supporter of the school choir by always offering to pay 50% of school costs or, as in 2012, decided they needed a new design which she provided.

The school, the adult community choir and a large proportion of the Kununurra Community continue to support and purchase shirts through Stitched Up Embroidery as they are a wonderful example of the local country business who realises the importance of looking after local people.

Ed MacNeill, Music Specialist - Kununurra District High School